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Feline Wellness Care

Your cat’s annual wellness exam is an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you have about your cat’s health. During the wellness exam, we will discuss vaccines, nutrition, allergies, dental care (including at-home dental care), and other issues that may be affecting your cat such as lifestyle or age-related changes.

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Your cat's wellness exam will include:

Preparing Your Cat for Their Visit

For the safety of your cat, they should be transported in a secure carrier. Help your cat become comfortable with the carrier during the days prior to his or her appointment with us by placing it in a room where they spend a lot of time. Adding familiar, soft bedding and placing treats, catnip, or toys inside the carrier will also help your cat relax. Note that it may take days or weeks for your cat to adjust to the carrier.

If your cat is particularly anxious during the car ride, you may want to cover the carrier with a blanket or towel. Some cats like to see what's happening, while others prefer it when the carrier is covered. See which option your cat likes best by placing them inside the carrier while transporting them around the house, both covered and uncovered.

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