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Diagnostic Services

At Alberta Veterinary Care, we use a variety of advanced medical technology to diagnose and treat your dog or cat. We offer the following diagnostic services at our facility:

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology is commonly used to diagnose bone and joint conditions, screen for cancer and abnormalities within the organs, and to locate foreign objects within the body. This non-invasive procedure allows us to examine your pet in great detail to make an accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays have a much higher image quality than traditional x-rays, and are significantly easier to read. Thanks to the advanced digital technology, the results are available within minutes, allowing us to make a quicker diagnosis. Anesthesia is not normally required for x-rays.

Digital Dental Radiology

Digital dental radiography (or digital x-ray) is an advanced dental imaging technique that allows us to examine individual teeth for bone loss, hidden fractures, or abscesses that may not be apparent on initial examination. The digital images are ready within minutes, reducing the amount of time your pet is exposed to radiation. This also allows us to diagnose and treat your pet quickly and efficiently.


An ultrasound is a painless and non-invasive imaging procedure that allows us to examine the internal organs of the body. Images of the internal organs are produced in real time as sound waves return a picture of the organ being scanned. These high-definition images allow us to assess the internal organs to provide an accurate assessment of disease and allow for a more focused treatment plan.

Video Otoscopy/Rhinoscopy

Alberta Veterinary Care now proudly offers video otoscopy and rhinoscopy with the use of a state of the art mobile endoscopic video system. Use of a rigid scope for video otoscopy allows the doctors to better visualize and diagnose conditions of the external, middle, and inner ear such as chronic infection, foreign objects, polyps, and more. We are also able to perform safe and more thorough flushing of the ear canal, sample tissue for lab analysis, and perform myringotomy when indicated. Video rhinoscopy allows doctors to better visualize conditions of the nasal passage such as infection, tumors, parasitic infestation, or foreign bodies. Please call and speak with a staff member with questions about scheduling or cost estimates.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Doppler blood pressure monitoring is used to evaluate your pet’s blood pressure if they are found to have conditions that predispose to hypertension.

Anesthesia Monitoring

If your pet is undergoing a procedure that requires anesthesia, our staff members will monitor all vital signs to make sure your pet is safe and healthy. We monitor your pet’s ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide levels, and temperature before, during, and after surgery.